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School of Teacher Education (STE)


The School of Teacher Education (STE) is driven by the philosophy that all students deserve to succeed in schooling—indeed, a well educated populace is vitally important to the functioning of our democracy, to our ability to contribute to the global economy, and to the stewardship of our natural resources. While a myriad of factors influence students’ academic success, teachers are recognized to be centrally important to the goal of supporting all students in learning. The STE takes a community approach in which faculty and students work collaboratively within and across departmental boundaries to enhance teacher education through:

  • Knowledge production—the STE community are engaged in the production of knowledge to further our understanding of learning and how teachers, curricular materials, and school policies can best be structured to support that learning.
  • Knowledge dissemination—the STE community works to help teachers and other educational professionals understand and begin to employ research in their classroom practice.
  • Knowledge support—the STE community supports the development of the next generation of teachers and educators through a host of educational opportunities that prepare students to serve in leadership roles in K-12 classrooms, at the college or university level, in the public or private school system, and in government and professional organizations.


Our Community

The STE is not just an educational system made up of a diversity of programs; it is an intellectual community of scholars that work together to advance the knowledge about and understanding of teacher education. Our community has a diverse set of interests and we work within the school and with other programs and institutions to pursue these interests (check out some of our faculty research). Further, keeping with the tradition of collaboration and knowledge sharing, our members publish in scholarly and practitioner journals and present at regional, national, and international conferences (check out some of these publications). Our members can be found among the local community, across the national, and internationally giving back through outreach (check out our community in action).

Although, the STE is situated within a major research university and STE scholars conducts innovative and groundbreaking research, the STE offers a small school atmosphere in which students experience moderate class sizes and one-on-one faculty-student mentoring. Our undergraduate education includes programs in Early Childhood, Elementary, English, FSU-Teach/Secondary Science and Mathematics Teaching, Social Science, Exceptional Student, and Visual Disabilities. Our masters, specialist, and doctoral degrees in Curriculum and Instructions support a variety of educational content areas including Early Childhood, Elementary, English, Exceptional Student, Foreign and Second Language, Mathematics, Reading/Language Arts, Science, Social Science, Special Education, and Visual Disabilities.


Come Join Us!

Do you have a passion for teacher education? Are you driven by the philosophy that education should be accessible to all? We have exciting opportunities for faculty (Check out our current job postings!), undergraduates (Learn how to apply), and graduates (Learn how to apply) and we would be happy to share our passion for education with you.


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