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School of Teacher Education (STE)

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As one of the premier programs in the state, our faculty is spearheading initiatives to improve education across curricula in Florida and our nation's schools. A commitment to advancing the discipline is evident through the caliber of leadership among faculty, students and constituents and the adherence to a tradition of meaningful research that impacts teaching and learning for children and adults in today’s world.


Curriculum and Instruction (C&I) Q&A

Q:  To whom does the decision to change, or not to change, to C&I apply?

A:  It applies to all currently admitted graduate students in the School of Teacher Education (STE). As of Spring 2013, there will be no choice other than C&I for anyone applying to any STE graduate programs. It also applies to those in the ESE program who have not yet been accepted into graduate school. For ESE students who will apply for graduate school in the Summer 2013 cycle, or after, you will not have a choice. Your program will be C&I, with the major in ESE.

Q:  Why the change?

A:  The field demands professionals with greater diversity in skills preparation than are represented by the current independent degrees. C&I will help our students gain those skill sets.

Q:  Will courses or other requirements change if I decide to switch?

A:  Not yet! You will complete all the same course-work that was required in your original degree plan (i.e., Program of Study). No new courses will be required. You will eventually have additional options to choose from that are more C&I representative.

Q:  If there are no additional requirements, what are the differences in the respective programs?

A:  Initially, there are no differences. As we create program elements specifically crafted for skills preparation, the program will take on the attributes of a C&I degree.

Q:  What do I gain if I switch to C&I?

A:  Your degree/transcript will align more closely with the demands of the profession.

Q:  If I want to switch (or if I want to remain in my current degree), what do I need to do?

A:  Print out the Decision Form, select your choice, and scan/e-mail it to Dawn Matthews. You can also bring your form to Dawn in room G137. If you still have questions, please contact your advisor, who can help you choose your path.

Q:  When do I have to decide?

A:  You may decide to switch at any time, up until the date that the formal “Teach Out” ends (MS and Ed.S. 2015 – Summer Session; PhD 2019 - Summer Session). After these dates, if you are not finished with your current degree program, you must elect the C&I degree.

Q:  What does “Teach Out” mean?

A:  It is the term the accreditation officials use to explain the process of accounting for those students who choose not to switch to the C&I. If you choose not to switch, we will monitor your progress to ensure you have every reasonable opportunity to complete the degree by the deadlines (above).