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Education / News & Media / Strategic Communications Services

Strategic Communications Services

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COE PowerPoint Template
Media Relations
Annual Publications
Creative Services
Web Communications
Alumni Relations
Social Media Management
Event Planning
Legislative Affairs
Promotional Items


COE PowerPoint Template, Poster, Screensaver, Wallpaper

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Media Relations

Because of the College of Education's wide-reaching impact, achievements by College faculty, students, and alumni often appear in local and national media. Our Office is the portal for information and expertise sought by the media, for faculty and staff wishing to publicize their accomplishments, and for anyone seeking the latest College of Education news.

We work with the University News and Public Affairs team to inform local, regional, national and international audiences, as appropriate, about people, research, unique programs and other College news. If you are involved in research, policy or a special project -- especially anything of general or consumer-related interest -- help us tell the world about it. News stories are provided to the Associated Press, newspapers, magazines, television and radio networks and stations, and other media outlets. We also contact editors and writers directly with FSU news leads, and respond to news media inquiries daily. Our team creates press releases, can help you write op-ed pieces, and helps connect the media with faculty experts.

One of the Office of Communication’s most important roles is to serve our faculty, staff, alumni and students as their liaison to the media and a conduit for all news dissemination. If you are contacted by the media we ask that you immediately alert us as we have the knowledge, resources, and contacts to best support media relations. In addition, any news you have (grant awards, honors, book publications, research recognition, etc.) should be sent directly to our office so that we can efficiently and effectively prepare a course of action for promoting your accomplishments


Annual Publications

Our Office produces the following college-wide annual and quarterly publications:


Creative Services

Our office provides high-quality communications solutions and promotional materials for department clients based on identified needs and goals. We work with you to determine what medium – brochures, videos, flyers, advertisements or other – best meets your needs and budget.

All designs are obligated to follow FSU's strict branding guidelines in effort to maintain a strong, cohesive and uniform brand recognition.  The Florida State University Voice and Visual System guides the language and appearance for all communications from the University.


All project requests will initially be evaluated to determine:

  • Audience
  • Objective(s)
  • Challenges
  • Deadlines
  • Other key criteria 

Our staff will then meet with you to discuss design options, project requirements and timelines, and projected outcomes. 


Because we provide a high level of design expertise at no charge, our services are in high demand. Thus, while we make every effort to accommodate all projects – with priority given to projects targeted to donor and student prospects – we occasionally cannot meet a desired deadline due to previously scheduled projects. However, we make every effort to use our vendor relationships and resources to meet your needs at the lowest possible cost (approved by you in advance), and still oversee the project from start to finish by using outside resources.

Project Scheduling:

Typically, you should allow AT LEAST a four-week time frame for the production of a typical publication, from the initial editing of text through delivery from a print vendor (this schedule allows 6 to 10 business days usually required by print production companies, depending on the complexity of the project).

Keep in mind, if numerous people are involved in the approval process, you need our assistance in writing text or copy, or the project is part of a larger campaign-style program, production time may increase.

Please click here to submit a request for creative services.



Web Communications

Our office manages the content for the entire College of Education web site to ensure quality web-based communications. Please allow two business days for urgent revision requests and up to five business days for routine requests for content updates. More extensive revisions/projects may take longer due to pre-existing workloads. Please make every attempt to plan your revision requests well in advance to avoid unnecessary delays. We will do our best to quickly address "emergency" revisions such as recruitment, admission or fundraising related content. Please understand that University branding guidelines must be followed and approved templates used; therefore if your requested revision is not possible under the current system constraints we will work to provide an equivalent alternative.

Please click here to submit the website revision request form.


Alumni Relations 

Our office is committed to building our network of alumni and friends and sustaining meaningful relationships on behalf of The Florida State University College of Education. We accomplish this through engaging alumni and friends via programs and services that foster pride and enhance a lifelong connection to the College and University.

For more information on alumni outreach efforts click here.




Our Office offers a wide range of marketing services to all departments and programs. Every project is unique and receives individual consideration, and some projects will require a financial commitment to hire outside vendors/consultants. 

When creating a new academic program or updating an existing program, we can help assess your goals and develop a comprehensive marketing strategy to match. Services available include:

  • Marketing Consulting
  • Marketing Plans
  • Market Research
  • Advertising Placement
  • Message Delivery
  • Communication Audits
  • Evaluation Measures

We can assemble a team of professionals to create, manage and complete your project.

To schedule an initial project meeting, contact Jennie Harrison.



Social Media Management

According to higher education marketing and social media blogger Mike McCready, “Decentralized social media leads to inconsistency in brand and strategy … While social media activities should be organic and real, coordination and leadership help ensure the brand messaging remains the same and the strategy is unified to the institution’s strategy.”

 In order to ensure a uniform, consistent brand within all College of Education social media profiles, our office will begin to enforce the following:

  • Consolidated administration of all department/program social media sites under the Office of Communications. Individuals within departments/programs will still run the sites, but our office will have administrative access and the ability to oversee content.
  • Consistent use of University branding colors and logos, and relevant hashtags and buzzwords by all department/program social media sites. Sites that fail to meet these criteria will be deactivated.
  • Weekly activity: all department/program social media sites should post updated, relevant content at least twice per week by both students and faculty.  Sites that fail to meet these criteria will be deactivated.

If your department or program currently has or is interested in creating a social media presence, please contact Jennie Harrison.


Facebook for Educators Guide

4 Ways Colleges Can Take Their Social Media Presence to the Next Level


facebook   youtube   twitter   linkedin   pinterest


Event Planning

Planning a successful recruitment, research or other event is a complex process, requiring months of work and contacts with a wide variety of internal and external service providers. Our office is available to assist you with promoting your event as our resources allow. Please visit the University's Special Event Planning web site which provides valuable guidance to all event planners, including a suggested event timeline, event checklists, and important campus contacts.

Our office coordinates the following college-wide events: Homecoming Tailgate, Distinguished Alumni Awards Dinner, Dean's Annual Symposium, All-College Meetings, and the AERA Alumni Reception.

Please contact Jennie Harrison for more information.



Legislative Affairs

Our office acts as the College's liaison to the FSU Office of Governmental Relations which oversees relations between the University and local, state and national governments.

Periodically, members and staff of the Florida Legislature request our faculty and/or staff to attend committee meetings or to respond formally to questions about specific issues. Employees of The Florida State University who are asked to appear before a committee must notify our office  prior to making their appearance.

Our office also assists with meetings and special events that involve government officials. 

  • FSU Day at the Capital
  • FACTE Meeting
  • AACTE Day on the Hill
  • Dean's Symposium

Please contact Jennie Harrison for more information.


Promotional Items

Our office keeps a supply of promotional items imprinted with the College of Education logo that are available for approved events such as:

  • New student orientations
  • Student recruitment events
  • Donor/Alumni relations
  • Visiting lecturers, presenters, faculty candidates, etc.
  • Internal faculty/staff meetings

If we do not have the items you are looking for, our staff can assist you in designing and ordering custom items for your specific needs. However, cost of custom promotional items will be the responsibility of the program/department placing the order.

To request and view a list of promotional items for your event, click here 

**Promotional items are subject to availability and dissemination is at the sole discretion of the Director of Communications and Recruitment.**




Our office does not have professional photographers on staff. The FSU Photo Lab can handle your special event and professional photographic needs for a reasonable fee (on your budget). Twice a year, our office hires a professional photographer to take photos based on the recruitment or philanthropic needs of the College. We also coordinate faculty and staff headshot photoshoots twice per year to coincide with the All-College Meetings.

Our office keeps archives of College/Department/Unit event photos, student-group event photos, personnel headshots, Stone Building, Tully Gymnasium and campus photos, and more. If you have photos of special events, classes or research-related initiatives, we can archive them with the College.

Please contact Jennie Harrison for more information.