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Council on Research in Education (CORE)

The purpose of CORE committee is to raise and address issues related to research and grant possibilities within the College, and to facilitate collaboration within and across departments, colleges and schools in order to promote research initiatives. This committee will work with the Associate Dean of Research to make known to faculty the research initiatives and grant opportunities within the college that may be of interest to faculty in the college. It will arrange for and facilitate the meetings of interdisciplinary groups of faculty members to pursue such research and grant opportunities. Current CORE members (and their emails) are:

In order to support and enhance the community of inquiry in our College of Education, CORE offers travel expense awards to help us disseminate our research findings, as well as research prizes and the Marvalene Hughes Research in Education Conference to celebrate our work and share it with one another. CORE’s 2016 Marvalene Hughes Research in Education Conference will be held at the Stone Building on Friday, April 1.

CORE has an online (SharePoint) form ready that allows both faculty and graduate students to apply for the travel expense award and/or COE research prize! We also will be considering applications just to present at the CORE conference. Your application form and the required elements must be completed and submitted by 5pm on Thursday, January 16. Please review the application directions at the link on the left. You will find the link to the application form there. Please contact your CORE representative or the Office of Research with any questions. 

NOTE: To be eligible for a travel expense award from CORE, you must complete the personal identifying information and the conference/meeting information on the SharePoint application form (see in the CORE Application Directions) at least 2 weeks before travel. Please follow any additional guidelines your department may have for submitting travel authorization forms—not all departments process Travel Authorizations electronically when you complete the SharePoint application. All receipts should be submitted to the department travel representative upon your return. CORE awards (for travel between July 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016) will not be disseminated until after funding decisions are made in February 2016 and you have completed your travel.