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Dr. Shouping Hu

Professor of Higher Education

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1210H Stone Building
(850) 644-6721

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Dr. Shouping Hu is a professor of higher education at The Florida State University. His research interests examine issues related to college access and success, student engagement and learning, and higher education policy.

Dr. Hu has published more than 50 journal articles and book chapters and is the author of Beyond Grade Inflation: Grading Problems in Higher Education (Jossey-Bass, 2005), the lead author of Reinventing Undergraduate Education: Engaging College Students in Research and Creative Activities (Jossey-Bass, 2008), and a co-author of Breaking Through the Access Barrier: Academic Capital Formation Informing Policy in Higher Education(Routledge, 2011). He is the lead editor of the volume of the New Directions for Institutional Research titled Using Typological Approaches to Understand College Student Experiences and Outcomes (Jossey-Bass, 2011). He is currently directing an IES funded three-year (2011-14) research project on the effects of merit aid programs on student college choice and success.

Dr. Hu teaches graduate-level courses Higher Education Finance, International Perspectives in Higher Education, and Student Success in College (on-line). He also taught courses such as Public Policy in Higher Education, Prospectus Development, State Education Policy, American College Students, Educational Policy Analysis, Dissertation Seminar, Directed Research, and others at Florida State University and previously at Seton Hall University.

Dr. Hu currently serves as an editorial/advisory board member of Journal of Higher Education, AERA’s Educational Researcher, AIR’s Research in Higher Education, and has previously served on the editorial/advisory board of ACPA’s Journal of College Student Development and ASHE Higher Education Report Series. He has served as a standing member for the Systems and Broad Reform panel and a member for the National Research and Development (R&D) Centers panel for the Institute of Education Sciences (IES), U.S. Department of Education. Dr. Hu was selected as an emerging scholar in 2004 and a senior scholar in 2012 by ACPA.

He received a B.S. degree in Geography in 1992 from Peking University. He earned his M.S. in Economics (1998) and his Ph.D. in Higher Education (2000) from Indiana University Bloomington.