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Dr. David Tandberg

Assistant Professor of Higher Education / HESA Board Advisor / Higher Education Program Coordinator

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1205H Stone Building
(850) 645-9557

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 Dr. David Tandberg is currently an assistant professor of higher education at Florida State University. His teaching and research interest center on state higher education policy and politics. His is particularly interested in the political antecedents of state higher education policy and finance decisions. Dr. Tandberg is also interested in broader issues involving state higher education finance, governance and economics. His research has appeared in "Research in Higher Education", "Educational Policy" and "Higher Education in Review."

Previously, Dr. Tandberg served as a special assistant to the Secretary of Education in the Pennsylvania Department of Education. In this capacity he served as a top advisor to the secretary and a member of the secretary’s cabinet. Among other things, Dr. Tandberg lead the Department’s effort to develop a postsecondary longitudinal student unit record data system, lead the office’s college access efforts, revamped the state college student retention program, initiated Pennsylvania’s annual statewide higher education conference, conducted research and data analysis for the Department and the Governor’s office, and helped author the state’s Race to the Top application. Prior to that position, Dr. Tandberg served as a special assistant to the Deputy Secretary for Postsecondary and Higher Education.

Dr. Tandberg earned his Bachelor’s degree from Adams State College in Colorado and his Master’s in political science and Doctoral degree in higher education from Penn State University. His dissertation on the politics of state higher education funding won dissertation of the year for 2006-2007 from The Politics of Education Association. Dr. Tandberg is currently an Associate with the National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education.

Recent and Forthcoming Publications:

Tandberg, D.A. & Ness E. (In press). State capital expenditures for higher education: Where the real politics happens. Journal of Education Finance.

Tandberg, D. A., & Anderson, C. K. (In press). Where politics is a blood sport: Restructuring state higher education governance in Massachusetts. Educational Policy.

Tandberg, D. A. (2010). Politics, interest groups and state funding of public higher education. Research in Higher Education, 51(5), 416-450.

Tandberg, D. A. (2010). Interest groups and governmental institutions: The politics of state funding of public higher education. Educational Policy, 24(5), 735-778.

Tandberg, D. A. (2008). The politics of state higher education funding. Higher Education in Review, 5, 1-36.

Volkwein, J. F., & Tandberg, D. A. (2008). Measuring Up: Examining the connections among state structural characteristics, regulatory practices, and performance. Research In Higher Education, 49(2), 180-197

Tandberg, D. A. (2006). State-level higher education interest group alliances. Higher Education in Review, 3, 25-49.