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Student Teaching

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Have QUESTIONS related to student teaching? Contact:

Dr. Patrick Malone
Internship Coordinator
2301 Stone Building
(850) 644-0031


Student Teaching Information

A key component of a candidate's teacher education program is their work with a diversity of PK-12 students, teachers and schools in the field. The Office of Academic Services and Intern Support (OASIS) works with the teacher preparation programs throughout the University to coordinate field based experiences with PK-12 schools and students.


Student teaching is the final chapter in the teacher preparation process, organized and directed by the university in concert with its community of professional partners.

  • During student teaching candidates are placed in an accredited public or private school under the supervision of a fully certified, clinical education trained teacher, and a university supervisor.
  • The Office of Academic Services and Intern Support (OASIS) is responsible for coordinating the final identification and screening of all candidates who make application for student teaching.
  • FSU faculty and programs recommend candidates for student teaching placement when they believe the candidate is prepared to demonstrate the content, professional knowledge and skills needed to help students learn in a PK-12 classroom.
  • Candidates have been assessed on each of the FSU FEAP indicators twice before program faculty recommend them for Student Teaching. Student Teaching is the "final exam," the opportunity for a candidate to successfully demonstrate their professional competency in each of the Florida Educator Accomplished Practices at the Pre-Professional Level as well as demonstrate a positive impact on PK-12 student learning.


The Office of Academic Services and Intern Support (OASIS) works with FSU faculty and our PK-12 Partners to find the right placement for each student teacher.Our student teachers have the opportunity to be placed in schools within five area centers within Florida.

  • Each center is staffed by an experienced educator who oversees placement, provides active supervision, and acts as intermediary/counselor should problems arise. This organizational structure provides Florida State University with the ability to address teacher vacancy needs throughout Florida.
  • The Office of Academic Services and Intern Support (OASIS) and the teacher education programs seek diverse placements that are challenging, but manageable; nurturing but not smothering; enriched by supervising teachers eager to help renew the profession by sharing their expertise with others.
  • The Office provides the student teachers with diversity of placements and supportive supervision in an internship that will challenge and help re-affirm their choice of profession.


The faculty and staff of the Office of Academic Services and Intern Support (OASIS), 2301 Stone Building (STB) are here to help you through the application and placement process and to support you during this critical field-based internship. Students must consult with their programs to determine any program restrictions on placements and also note:

  • Due to budget cuts, beginning in fall 2010, the College of Education will no-longer place Tallahassee-based interns in Area V (except Pembroke Pines/FSU Charter School in Broward County), and will restrict placements in Area III to Lake and Orange Counties.
  • The College of Education will continue to support placement of interns in Areas 1, 4, and, where possible, Area 2 (secondary school placements only).
  • Placements are subject to availability and district and school acceptance of interns. Therefore, placements are not guaranteed and students should prepare a contingency plan in the event a student teaching placement cannot be secured.