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Employment in the sport industry is expected to be within one of the following three segments:

  • Sport Promotion
  • Sport Production
  • Sport Performance

Sport Promotion

The sport promotion segment includes the companies and organizations involved in the promotion of a sport product. Employers in this segment may include but are not limited to:

  • Sport marketing firms
  • Sport based media either through specialized firms or as a unit within a larger media organization
  • Organizations that engage in the sponsorship of sporting events, athletes, facilities, etc.
  • Sport event promotion firms
  • Ticket selling firms

Sport Production

The sport production segment includes the manufacture and distribution of products (including intellectual properties) needed or desired for the production of or to influence the quality of sport performance. Employers in this segment may include but are not limited to:

  • Sport apparel companies
  • Sport equipment companies
  • Sport training companies
  • Sport governing bodies
  • Sport facilities
  • Event management firms

Sport Performance

The sport performance segment encompasses the offering of sport to consumers as a participation or spectator product. Employment in this segment may include but is not limited to:

  • Management of tax-supported sport businesses such as community sport programs, regional sport commissions, or local sport foundations.
  • Membership-supported sport organizations such as amateur player union offices or league offices.
  • Sport education such as sport management programs.
  • Participation as an athlete in amateur or professional settings.


Student Internships and Career Opportunities

The sport management major has been able to cultivate many important relationships from the perspectives of providing student experiences and program support. These take various forms (graduate assistantships, internship/volunteer partnerships, class/conference speakers, etc.) and will continue to be cultivated for future opportunities for program support.

These organizations include the following (not comprehensive):


  • FSU Athletics
  • FSU Campus Recreation
  • FSU Boosters


  • Tallahassee Parks and Recreation
  • Florida Sports Foundation
  • Tallahassee Sports Council

Local business:

  • YMCA
  • GameTime Management
  • Titus Sports

Florida based:

  • PGA Tour
  • United States Golf Association
  • Disney Wide World of Sports
  • Tampa Bay Lightning / Rays / Buccaneers
  • Jacksonville Jaguars
  • Orange, Gator, and Outback Bowls
  • Super Bowl
  • United States Tennis Association
  • Major League Baseball (Spring Training)