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STE Faculty Profiles

Dr. Sherry Southerland

Professor, Fellow of the
American Association for the
Advancement of Sciences
G119 STB
(850) 645-4667

Science Education 

Dr. Phyllis Underwood

Associate In
2208E  STB
(850) 644-3145

Elementary and Early Childhood Education

Dr. Jeanne Wanzek

Associate Professor
2209B STB
(850) 644-9080

FCRR and Special Education

Dr. Kelly Whalon

Dr. Kelly Whalon
Assistant Professor
2209K STB
(850) 644-8416

Special Education

Dr. Ian Whitacre

Assistant Professor 
G123 Stone Building
(850) 644-7804

Elementary Mathematics Education

Dr. Headley White

Assistant In and Undergraduate Advisor
G128 STB
(850) 645-2505

Social Science Education

Dr. Shelbie Witte

Associate Professor
G117 STB
(850) 644-6738

English Education