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Certificate in Online Instructional Development

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Program Overview
Career Opportunities
Degree Requirements
Admission Requirements
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Program Description

The Certificate in Online Instructional Development is a non-degree program offered through distance learning technology. The program should be completed within a five-year period. Twelve credit hours earned as a special student for the Certificate may be applied toward a degree upon admission to the Master's in Open and Distance Learning program. The certificate is designed for full-time employees and graduate students.

Any individual who has an undergraduate degree and is eligible to enroll as a special student (non-degree seeking), or who qualifies for graduate admission to the university is eligible to apply for admission to the Online Instructional Development program.


Career Opportunities

~Coming soon~


Degree Requirements   

  • Completion of 15 approved credit hours
  • Six of the 15 hours must be online
  • Three core course and two or more electives
  • 3.25 GPA
  • No grade below B-
  • Complete program in 5 years
  • Complete portfolio review: Certificate Portfolio Guidelines for EME5975


Required Core Courses
EME 5457 Introduction to Distance Learning (3)
EME 5601 Introduction to Instructional Systems (3)
EME 5603 Introduction to Systematic Instructional Design(3)
EDP 5216 Theories of Learning and Cognition in Instruction (3)
EME 6414 Web 2.0 Learning (3)
EME 6415 Development of Computer Courseware (3)
EME 6507 Development of Multimedia Instruction (3)
EME 6631 Managing Instructional Development (3) 
EME 6635 Mobile Learning (3)
EDG 6925 Instructional Materials Development (3) 
Portfolio Review
  • Register for EME 5975 for 0 credits
  • Develop online instructional lesson
  • Submit a written competency report
  • Satisfactory (S) or Unsatisfactory (U) grade awarded
  • Student has one semester to resubmit if grade is (U) grade received


Admission Requirements

Certificate Admission Form

Certificate Completion Form


Useful Links

FSU Admissions
FSU Career Center
Office of Academic Services and Intern Support (OASIS)
FSU Financial Aid
COE Scholarships & Aid


Program Contact

Mary Kate McKee
3210 Stone Building
Tallahassee, FL 32306-4453