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Hi there!

Thank you for visiting our website!

Before you continue exploring it, let us introduce ourselves and explain what we do, how we operate, and how to get involved. The rest of the tour you can do on your own. 

The Sport Psychology Organization and Research Team (SPORT) was established in 2008. Founding fathers, Billy Land, Itay Basevitch, and Edson Filho, had a vision of creating an organization for the sport psychology students at the Florida State University to get real life experiences, which cannot be accumulated in the classroom setting or a research laboratory.

With this said…..

SPORT is a student lead graduate organization developed to foster professional development within the field of sport and exercise psychology. Through collaborative student efforts, SPORT promotes the development of competent practitioners and academicians by facilitating student research (e.g., conference presentations and publications), promoting public outreach (e.g., local presentations, newspaper and magazine articles, and hosting conferences), and offering professional development workshops. By undertaking these projects, SPORT seeks to provide experience and create opportunities to help members prepare for future employment.


Members & Membership

The more the merrier, right? We are always happy to accept new graduate students and undergraduate students from majors across campus. SPORT is here by students for students. If you would like to join our free-membership student organization, please contact us at

We do some cool things...

Our major annual event is a two-day conference, where many prolific and well-respected scholars from diverse disciplines and fields as well as international speakers are invited to share their expertise at the Sport Professionals’ Experience And Research (SPEAR) Conference.

SPORT members are preparing for the 7th Annual SPEAR Conference, which will be held on February 16th and 17th, 2015

The 2015 conference theme is “Social Issues in Sport and Exercise Psychology.” The focus of the conference will be on examining a broad spectrum of topics that are intimately related to the reciprocal relationship that society shares with sport and exercise. Areas of interest include gender, race, social effects of participation, moral and character development, sexuality, and more. If you are interested in attending the 7th Annual SPEAR Conference, please click here to register.

We are also excited to share with you some of our other events and plans; some of which are in the early developmental stages, and others that are already established.

With the Annual Speaker Series, we would like to offer undergraduate and graduate students as well as the faculty and staff an opportunity to hear and learn about specific topic(s) to broaden their repertoire of knowledge. This year we welcome Dr. Damien Clement, associate professor at West Virginia University, to speak about injury psychology. To register please click here.

Another exciting and new idea that we are pursuing is to establish a Journal for Students by the Students. This project is at the very early developmental stages. Please click on the Journal tab.

Last but not least, our Research & Grant group is continuously working on different research projects, searching, and applying for grants to gain experiences in grant application and to increase funding opportunities in the department. Please click on the Research & Grant Group tab for more information and/or check back later.   

Finally, in order for our organization to exist we need revenue. How do we get it? In the past few years, we have been very fortunate for having sponsors supporting our cause. We hope to continue our relationship with previous sponsors and pursue new potential sponsors to increase our revenue. In addition, we are also involved in various fundraising events. If you would like to support SPORT, please click here.