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Hardee Fellows

Hardee Fellows

Hardee Fellows are graduate students who achieve a 3.8 overall GPA and have completed 18 credit hours at Florida State University. Hardee Fellows are named each fall at the Hardee Induction Ceremony and honored at the commencement ceremony in the spring. Fellows are eligible for Hardee Center travel and research grants where funding allows.


Hardee Supervisors/Mentors

Hardee Supervisors/Mentors are individuals who supervise higher education graduate students in assistantships and who agree to mentor the students in their professional development. A Supervisor/Mentor is encouraged to participate with his/her student in Hardee Center activities and is encouraged to build a strong professional and mentoring relationships with students.


2014-2015 Hardee Fellows

Masters Students

Emily Eisenstadt

Mallory Garcia

Lisa Gilbert

Elaine Giles

Justina Jones

Andrew La Haie

Arianna Maggard

Roberto Orozco

Aaron Reistad

Matthew Tripsas

Katie Turman

Cassandra Winland


Doctoral Students

Alan Acosta

Marilyn Anglade

Diana Barbu

Kathleen Callahan

Vivechkanand Chunoo

Grady Enlow

Kellie Gerbers

Kenneth Gloeckner

James Hunt

Steven Kleuver

Louis Macias

Shermin Murji

Samantha Nix

Jonathan Ottley

Shawna Patterson

Dante Pelzer

Alishia Piotrowski

Paul Stonecipher

Tadarrayl Starke

Mackenzie Streit

Dana Urrutia

Monoka Venters

Brantley Willett

Yi-Chin Wu